Friday, October 10, 2008

HK enhances support service for people with emotional problems in financial crisis

The Social Welfare Department of the Hong Kong government Friday announced an extra fund of over a million HK dollars will be allocated to help out people with emotional and family problems arising from financial crisis.

A spokesman for the department said Friday that just as other economies, Hong Kong is being affected by the global financial turmoil to a certain extent.

Some people may face personal financial crisis as a result of investment failure and unemployment as well as difficulties with their emotions, family relationship, and accommodation, he said.

To address these people's needs, the department will inject additional funding of 1.2 million HK dollars to two local social service organizations including CEASE Crisis Center and the Family Crisis Support Center to related strengthen support services.

Each will be allocated an additional 600,000 HK dollars to set up a Financial Crisis Emotional Support Hotline to provide counseling service which will commence on Oct. 13.

In addition, social workers will provide face-to-face counseling and organize support groups to help those in need by strengthening their skills in coping with stress and working out positive ways to manage their problems.

Where necessary, social workers will also refer cases to appropriate welfare services for follow-up.

Source: Xinhua

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