Friday, October 10, 2008

Over 1.2 million Chinese studying abroad during 30 years

From 1978 to the end of 2007, a total of 1.212 million Chinese had studied abroad. The number increased 168 times from 860 in 1978 to 144,500 in 2007 in 30 year, according to the Ministry of Education.

From 1978 to the end of 2007, 319,700 people have returned home after graduating from foreign schools.

In the field of education and scientific research, 77 percent of the colleges and universities principals, 84 percent of the academicians of Chinese Academy of Science, 75 percent of the academicians of China Academy of Engineering, 62 percent of doctoral tutors and 71 percent of the directors of the State-level teaching and research bases have had experience of studying abroad.

By People's Daily Online

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